Dating with kids.

As if it isn’t hard enough dating as it is, imagine the trouble with having kids and trying to date. I personally have trouble with this for several reasons. Schedule is one thing that throws everyone off. If you don’t have kids its easy to think “Why can’t you just do as you please? You are grown.” Then there is the whole “I don’t want to bring my kid around someone unless they are stable in my life,” thing.. That is a major issue to me. At my age (22), I don’t know what I want, or who I want. Yeah, you may be good with kids but that doesn’t mean I want you around all the time. The best thing I hear is “Your kid can even come too. We can go to Chuck E. Cheese.” Thanks, but I think you should win mommy’s heart before you win kids heart. Winning his heart won’t win mine. Now, if you win mine and then you win his that is definitely a plus. Another great one is how people without kids think you can just leave your kid with anyone and come meet them or eat with them. Sounds legit right… I mean you don’t want the kid around me yet, so leave it with someone else and come with me. That in fact, is definitely NOT the way things work. And yes this is true… People actually think this way. Especially people my age. See I am kind of in a tough spot. I am 22 and my son is almost 5. Guys my age are too immature for me and not ready for that kind of responsibility. But then most guys older than me are way TOO settled for me. I am very mature for my age, so I prefer someone a few years older than me possibly, yes. But I am not ready to be a wife, and maid and have 2 more children anytime soon either… So my best bet’s as of right now are to stay single.. These are my opinions about dating with kids. What are yours?